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    Hw to Reproduce :
    Login to Siebel application
    Navigate to Admin data-> Funds screen
    Create Fixed Fund with Amount of 1000
    Create Child Fund with amount of 1000
    Create Grandchild with amount of 1000
    Copy Grandchild by Pressing “CTRL + B”.
    Enter the Fund name & Amount more than Parent Fund and Press “Ctrl+ S”
    Bellow Error message is popping up
    Click On “OK”
    The Amount Field becomes “$0.00”
    Press “Ctrl +S “
    You have attempted to insert the value for column ‘FIXED_MDF_AMT’ in table
    ‘S_MDF’ twice in the same statement.(SBL-DAT-00418)

  2. Application : Consumer Goods 8x Series
    Products button on CG Promotion Form Applet Non-Corporate retrieving Inactive Products
    2.Hw to reroduce ?
    On CG My Promotion List View Non-Corporate, there is a Products button on CG Promotion Form Applet Non-Corporate. From the SQL spool, it looks like it is querying from Internal Product BC with the search spec (([Cfg Latest Released Flag] = “Y”) OR ([Cfg Latest Released Flag] IS NULL) OR ([Cfg Released Flag] = “N” AND [Cfg Version]=1)). Therefore is is retrieving all the products even if they are inactive.
    1. What is the reason behind picking the inactive products as well?
    2. What is the workaround to configure it such that inactive products will not be selected without breaking the functionality?

  3. “CPG Account Product Pick Applet” applet displays some products multiple times.
    1.Login with SADMIN on Sample database2.Go to Promotions screen and create a test promotion. 3. Select “Promoted Products” view tab.4. In the applet “CPG Plan Account Promotion Product List Applet” push Query button then push the pick icon on the product field.5. In the list that appear, there are some products multiple times displayed.Also, the bug is reproducible on SIA eConsumerGoods.

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  5. Dear Readers,

    Your all queries has been answered at

    Please visit to read new article.

  6. i need to know if siebel has chat as a function in the same tool.

  7. Hi,

    We have recently installed the siebel 8.1.1 application and facing a issue. The application login page does not come up suddenly and after some time it comes by itself.

    Sensing that it is a number of OM tasks issue, I have increased MaxTasks parameter to 200 from 20 and MaxMTserver and MinMTservers to 2. This helped for a while but now again the problem returned. Another OM on another server works fine with same gateway.

    Also I see that on that OM there will be not more than 20 Running tasks at any time as of now.

    Can you pls tell us what is the problem and how to fix it.


  8. hi
    i know siebel analytics and i would like to know about siebel actuate reporting is ther any link between both the thing and what

  9. Hi,
    I have what I hope is a simple question: How can I find out the last time a workflow was activated?
    I know there are several “triggers” possible, but at the moment the system is complex, and trying to figure out the last time a trigger was sprung for over 300 workflows…

    Is there record/log somewhere that lists when and which WF was run?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind Regards,

  10. Hi – I’m interested in finding out more about the Siebel 8.1 marketing module, specifically the response scoring algorithm that was built. Do all attributes need to be stored on a response, or can say different business groups (groups of functional users) have different questions.

    Example: 2 business groups A and B:
    1) Web landing page for group A asks:
    -How many employees does your company have?
    -What is your budget?

    2) Web landing page for group B asks:
    -What products are you interested in?
    -What is your time line for implementation?

    Can these question/answer pairs be dynamic or would the Response have to be able to store all 4 answers (even if 2 of them will never be applicable between groups A and B)?


  11. Hi All,

    U are doing a very good job by sharing your knowledge and educating people like me.

    I am a beginner in SIEBEL and I’m finding difficulty in identifying the Parent key and foreign key when I’m configuring any join or any link.Can u please explain my doubt.

    Thank you and Regards,

    • Join
      Foreign key (source) field and foreign key column. The foreign key field is identified in the Source Field property of the join specification. It represents a foreign key column in the base table, pointing to rows in a particular table used in joins. For example, in the Contact business component, the foreign key field to the join on accounts data is the Account Id field, which represents the PR_DEPT_OU_ID column in the base table.

    • Thank you for the quick reply.I appreceiate it.

      Can u also throw some light on Primary key and if possible can you share any documents in this regard.


      • Primary key (destination) column. The join specification identifies the primary key column in
        the joined table (in the Destination Column property). Every standard table in standard Siebel
        applications has a ROW_ID column that uniquely identifies rows in the table. ROW_ID is the
        destination in most joins.

        we will post article on “How to configure join” today, Are you subscribed to email delivery of blog.

      • ” Configure join ” has been posted toady [18th jul 09], That will help you understand Join better

  12. Hi there,

    could you please shed some light about how to enable (and use) contract-based pricing is Siebel (8.1.1)? Dynamic Pricing is already enabled (I have both a vanilla server environment and PSP signals-fixed sample at hand to experiment with).

    In relation to this one, shall I do something to get Discount Matrix pricing to work? It does not seem to do (aggregate discounts are ok, so dynamic pricing is enabled). How is the discount matrix related to the price lists?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Contract-based pricing:
      you will need to configure it yourself, there is no vanilla functionality for this. I plan to write an article on this but not at the moment.

      for matrix-based pricing:
      yes, it doesn’t in Siebel vanilla, Siebel forgot to add it to the workflow process!!!
      again, It’s in my long list of things to do.

      However, both types of discounts are very similar. you need to add a workflow process step with business service Row Set Transformation Toolkit with method “Simple LookUp Transform”.
      contract-based pricing would require you to create a separate list of products and price adjustments (Price List is a perfect place to store this), and again, add a step based on the same business service/method I just mentioned.

      • Hi,
        thank you for the super-quick response. 🙂

  13. Issue with Actuate Report 7 while passing parameter at run timeWe are using Actuate Report 7.7 and we want to do a report where the user can choose two dates, dateFrom and dateTo. We’ve done the parameter applet with two date fields.
    Our problem is how to pass this parameters to the report.
    We have a data element on report that corresponds to the Date field, where the date range should appear.
    Thanks in advance.
    Pedro Resende

    • Hi Pedro,
      First sorry for the delay, i was on leave and travellng remote areas so could not access iternet.

      Coming to your quetion.
      Please update — Are you using parameterized report or not?
      And please give me the details of your configuration.


  14. Its because of the licences which is restricting you for seeing the applets.
    Please login to the below site and get the licenses from the site and enter it and please get back to me.

    Please try this and let me know.

    • Which vertical/ horizontal should be selected?

      • You can select Horizontals license key for surveys.
        Siebel Expert Team

  15. Hey Ashish..

    Do u know how Surveys can be carried out in Siebel?

    Any licenses required? I tried something in Admin-training -> Tests, but by default, vanilla applets have the titles as “Test”. Similar to this, is there anything in Siebel 7 that helps us create Surveys?

    Thanks for your time.

  16. Thanks Ashish. Your interest to share your knowledge is helping us a lot – Appreciate your efforts. I wil wait for your posts.

    Venkat R.

  17. Thanks Venkat,
    I am writing few more post for product config,Pricing,Order management.
    You will able to learn a lot for communication from thoes.


  18. Hi,
    I am eager to learn more about Siebel Communications. Can you please provide details on what is required for a Business Analyst to shine in Siebel Communications?

    I will be happy to get some good information on how to configure using siebel product configurator? The article by Ashish was good but the second page links are not available.

    Thanks for any help.

    Venkat R.

  19. Hi,

    In the Import Repository operation…..

    Please start the Database Configuration Wizard and import the Schema. You will have an option of Import Schema, please perform that task. But, my question is why do you want to import sample DB. Why cant you complete the Install Database Operation in the Database Configuration Wizard and then start the Server tasks and get the Vanilla repository by assigning the Developer and assigning yourself in Siebel remote and then perform the Database Extract.

    Please get back to me if you have any issues.

  20. Hi Ashish,

    Thanks for qucik response..

    Below are the Steps i performed

    1) Installed & configured Siebel Gateway Server
    2) Installed & configured Siebel Server
    3) Installed & configured Siebel Database Server
    4) Run the grantusr.sql Script
    5) Created Siebel Administrator (SADMIN) and Database Owner (SIEBEL) for siebeldb database
    6) Configured the Siebel database to Build the Siebel Database Server tables and indexes
    7) Populate the tables with seed data
    8) Import your repository object definition data

    Below is the hint i found from ittool box , but the solution is too complex because i’m not dba to understand oracle’s Heterogeneous Services

    if you can provide me some screenshots or alternative method to import sample databse into siebel server that would be great.

    Thanks in Advance,

  21. Please let me know if you have installed Servers (Gateway, Enterprise, Siebel, Database) on Win 2003. If you have installed all the above servers, please perform the Database Server Configuration Wizard.

    Please get back……so that i can assist further.

  22. Hi Experts,

    I have installed siebel software 8.1 on windows 2003 with oracle database 11g.

    My question i want import sample databse into Oracle.

    Can you please provide me the steps to import sample dbf into oracle database.

    Thanks in Advance

  23. We have two solutions for this

    1. Please check the Entry of siebns.dat file which resides in GTWYSRVR\ADMIN folder.
    Don’t open the file in same location. Rather copy the file in to some other location and open that and check the entry for Outbound Communication manager component, verify whether it is enabled or check the values and confirm

    2. Enable the Outbound Communication manager component in the another server

    Let us know the feedback on this solution.

  24. Our Outbound Communication Manager is crashing after 10 emails are sent out and has to be restarted every time. Any ideas how this can be tweaked to either not crash or to automatically reset itself after 10 instances of sending an email?

  25. Hi Manjunath,
    Siebel Expert team happy to help you with 2 post under Siebel UCM content.

  26. Hi Does any body knows waht is Sieebl UCM.
    And how about the future for this I am able see some jobs on UCM now a days.Any info on this is highly appreciable in advance.

  27. I am new to Siebel WF Process.Can you please explain Synchronous or Asynchronous terms in Work Flow process?

    • Rachna your Question has been answered. Please go to siebelknowledge page and let us know for any queries.

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