Posted by: Ashish Kumar | September 17, 2009

Importance of Project Management

Realizes the importance of Project Management

I have got an opportunity to manage one of the existing projects in my company along with the other few projects. During the transition everything looks to be smooth but when it comes to manage the project deliverables & resources it seems that client was not happy & there are lot of issues in the project

To understand the client expectations & issues, I have first read the complete SOW & after that, I have schedule the discussion with the client, so that I can at least list down all the problems of the client. It was really surprising that client was feeling that problem is everywhere in the project & it would be difficult to control, I was talking to him over the phone & jot down all the problems, all the problem come down to issue not meeting the defined SLA’s

Issue surface by the client
• Team is not meeting the defined SLA’s

After discussing with the client, I have schedule a meeting with the team member & ask if they are having any issues with the project, it was surprisingly that they were also having lot of problems & issues

My approach was to list all the issues & use the Fish bone diagram to understand the root cause of the problem

After doing the complete analysis the below mentioned issues surface by the team were:

• Dependency on other team for solving the problem
• Bug in integration development
• SRF dependency
• Offshore team does not have rights to do the changes
• KRA’s are not aligned with the professional & personal goal

Solutions proposed:
The major problem was the team did not had good communication channel & there were no standard process in the project

I have done few changes in the project

(1) Reduce the gap between the team communication, reduce the dependency, Bridge the gap
(2) Set the internal SLA’s between the team by making the new process so that both team understand the criticality of the task
(3) Develop a new process to handle particular kind of request, example as SRF dependent will be taken as per process
(4) Set the team goal along with Organizational goal & showed the growth path for the team
(5) Motivate the team by celebrating team outing & B’day parties

After around two months, I have got a feedback from the client that

“. Strong leadership reducing the backlog & the new project Manager has been a breath of fresh air for the team. He is dedicated to continuous improvement and often exceeds my expectations.”

Everyone appreciated the effort & realize the importance of Project Management in the project….

Sonal Seth, PMP

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  1. That’s really a great work. Working for success is not a big deal, but to make work someone .. standing as leader to gain success is a real achievement in life.
    Its a typical approach of good leaders to the problems they are exposed to ..

  2. Excellent and you do need to deliver Quick wins to customer and make sure he is at ease.

    Also Customer interaction all along and never lose sight of Risks and Assumptions and mitigate them early.

    I would agree with you on reducing unwanted meetings and also cut down on unwanted processes.

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