Posted by: Ashish Kumar | September 17, 2009

Importance of Project Management

Realizes the importance of Project Management

I have got an opportunity to manage one of the existing projects in my company along with the other few projects. Read More…

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Re-register to get feed from Siebel expert

Important message from siebel exprt.

We are now

You can also offer email subscriptions .Click the below link  and a subscriptions form will be prompted to enter email address in the form that appears.



For Siebel expert

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We are changing !!!!!!!!!

Congratulation Readers,

Now we are migrating from to will be live and running for next couple of months so that user can get familiar with

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Posted by: ndandala | August 3, 2009

Application Services Interfaces

An Application Services Interface (ASI) is a release-independent interface published by Siebel Systems that allows you to integrate Siebel applications with external applications.

ASIs are published in a standard metadata format, such as Extensible Markup Language Document Type Definitions (XML DTD) and Web Services Descriptive Language/XML Schemas (WSDL/XSD) and are built using the ASI Framework. Read More…

Posted by: Ashish Kumar | August 2, 2009

General Guidelines for Optimizing EIM -Continued

Kirill Izotov ,Managing Director, IT has provided comments on Mandeep’s article , I thought of publishing it as a separate post. Please find Kirill’s original comment below.

This is an interesting discussion, and I would like to offer some additions to the recommendations kindly published by Mandeep Grewal.

  1. The batch size should be considered very carefully depending on the status of the system – if the system that EIM is running on is “hot” or “cold”, i.e. if users and other processes are actively performing insert/update/delete operations (“hot”) or the system is provided exclusively for the EIM processing (“cold”). Read More…
Posted by: Ashish Kumar | July 30, 2009

Siebel EAI Adapters and Connectors

Siebel EAI provides adapters and connectors to help create integrations between Siebel applications and external applications.

  • Siebel EAI adapter provides the low-level interface mechanism to allow one application to talk to another.
  • Siebel EAI connectors provide low-level connectivity to other back-office applications, such as SAP Read More…
Posted by: Mandeep Grewal | July 28, 2009

General Guidelines for Optimizing EIM

Below are few general guidelines that we need to take care for improving the EIM process and make a optimized EIM process for any EIM task.

  • Limit tables and columns to be processed using ONLY BASE TABLES/COLUMNS configuration parameters to minimize EIM processing Read More…
Posted by: Ashish Kumar | July 25, 2009

Siebel Application Object Manager (AOM)

Application Object Managers (AOMs) host the Business Objects layer and Data Objects layer of the Siebel architecture.

 It is a server component that creates and processes data at multiple levels.

  • UI layer (supported by the Siebel Web Engine) 
  • Business object layer 
  • Processes business logic
  • Data object layer (supported by Data Manager)  Read More…

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