Posted by: rachnaagr | July 19, 2009

New Product Features in Siebel eScript For Version 8.0

The new features added for siebel 8.O eScript

1. The ST eScript Engine is enabled by default in Siebel 8.0

2. The Fix and Go option makes script testing more efficient by allowing scripts to be edited and the debugging process to continue without having to recompile the program after each change.

3. Script Assist accesses the definitions of objects in the repository and displays this information allowing developers to choose the relevant methods and properties they want to add to their life script. This Feature makes developer easy.

4. In Siebel 8.0, the applet user property CanInvokeMethod can be used instead of the PreCanInvokeMethod() event to enable and disable applet methods.

5. Business service functions can be called directly from anywhere within the scripting interface after a business service is declared by using Script Assist script libraries.

6. Few more methods has been added to String like String charAt() Method, String.fromCharCode() Static Method


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