Posted by: Ashish Kumar | July 15, 2009

Siebel Web Services – An Overview

A Web Service is programmable application logic that is accessible using standard Internet protocols. Web Services combine component-based development and the Internet and can be reused regardless of how the service is implemented. 

Web Services are based on communication protocols that include HTTP, XML, Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP), and Web Services Description Language (WSDL).  

A Web Service can be developed on any computer platform and in any development environment as long as it can communicate with other Web Services using these common protocols. 

Following are features for use with Web Services: 

  • WS-Security Support : The Web Services (WS) Security specification is a Web Services standard that supports, integrates, and unifies multiple security models and technologies, allowing a variety of systems to interoperate in a platform- and language-independent environment.
  • WS-I Compliance : By providing the ability to publish a Siebel Web Service as a Document- Literal or Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)-Literal bound Web Service, the Siebel application is conforming to the specification as defined by the Web Services Interoperability Organization’s (WS-I) Basic Profile specification. 
  • Web Services Cache Refresh : The Web Services cache is used to store all the global administration information that can be manipulated in the Inbound and Outbound Web Service administration screens. The information contained in these services may need refreshing in order to provide more current or correct functionality.

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