Posted by: Ashish Kumar | July 8, 2009

Order life cycle || Siebel Order Management -Part 1

Creating an Order 

Creating an order that is based on a quote allows you to verify the quote to check for any errors. If you are creating a complicated order that might have errors, you should do it by creating quote, verifying the quote, and then converting the quote to an order. 

To create an order that is not based on a quote, perform the following tasks:

  • Starting an Order
  • Adding Line Items to an Order
  • Submitting an Order


  1. Starting an Order 
  • If you start the order from the Account, Service Request, Project, Contact, Campaign, or Contract screen, your Siebel application automatically copies information from that screen into the order.
  • If you start the order using the Orders screen, you must enter all this information manually.  

To start an order

  1. Perform one of the following tasks, depending on which screen you want to start the order from:  
  • To start an order from the Orders screen, navigate to the Sales Orders screen > List view.
  • To start an order from a quote, account, service request, project, contact, campaign, or contract, navigate to the screen for the object and to the list view, drill down on the name of the record with which the order will be associated, and click the Orders view tab.

NOTE:  If you start the order from a record that has account, contact, or other information, your Siebel application copies the relevant information into the order.  

     2.  In the Orders list, add a new record. The information in the following table is added automatically.

siebel order management 1

        3. In the Type field, select the type of order you are creating.

        4. If you are in the Orders list at the bottom of the Accounts screen, Quotes screen, Service Request screen, or another screen, drill down on the order number to display the Order screen.

        5. In the Sales Order form, click the Show More button.

        6. In the Sales Order form, review the information that has been copied into the order, and make any changes to it, as appropriate. Some fields are described in the following table.


 siebel order management 2


Next Post : Adding Line Items to an Order



  1. Hi Ashish,

    gud info reg the ord mgmt.
    frankly i am waiting for ur next post “Adding Line Items to an Order”.

    Please post it asap as it may helpful to me in current project.


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