Posted by: Ashish Kumar | June 17, 2009

Siebel Search

Siebel Search

Oracle’s Siebel Search provides incremental indexing of search fields, basic and advanced search functionality for both structured and unstructured data, and Find operations for real-time database queries. Siebel Search is integrated with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.

Here we will cover following points

  • Installing Server Components for Siebel Search
  • Configuration and Administration of Siebel Search
  • The Differences between Find and Search Operations

Installing Server Components for Siebel Search

Siebel Search requires the installation of the Siebel Enterprise Server, including the Siebel Server and the Gateway Name Server, and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. The Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Server/Hummingbird search server and the Siebel Enterprise Server need to be deployed on separate, dedicated machines.
The recommended installation and configuration sequence is as follows:
• Install the Siebel Enterprise Server
• Install the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Server
• Configure Siebel Search on the Oracle Secure Enterprise Search server, Siebel servers, and FTP servers.
Pre configuration Steps for Siebel Search

Enabling Siebel Search requires setting up a server to act as a Search server. This server will contain both the Siebel Server and the Hummingbird Search Server. Indices must physically be located on this machine.

NOTE: Hummingbird search indices, used by Siebel Search, cannot be used by another vendor’s
Search engine. Additionally, Hummingbird search indices can only be used by the Siebel application, because the Hummingbird software licensed with Siebel Search does not allow external use. Searches done from the Web client can be done directly on the URL corresponding to the Search server or through another Siebel Server. In the second case, the Siebel Server passes the search execution request through to the Search server. Administration, performed from the Web client, must be performed on the Search server, and not remotely through another Siebel Server. Mobile Web clients have the option of synchronizing the indices from the Search server to a local machine. In this case, Hummingbird client must be installed on the Mobile Web client to enable search execution.

Configuration and Administration of Siebel Search

You configure and administer Siebel Search using Siebel Tools, and through administration screens in your Siebel application. You configure Find objects solely using Siebel Tools. There are no administration screens for Find. Siebel Search uses a technology called full-text search where a search index is created that transforms the content of documents or database fields into a form that is very efficient for searching. At a high level, Siebel Tools configuration defines what these indices should be, and the task of administration creates the indices.

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