Posted by: Ashish Kumar | June 12, 2009

Siebel Vertical and Horizontal

Vertical Applications are specifically made for one domain.
Examples: Siebel ePharma , Siebel eFinance

Horizontal Applications are Common which can be used for any domain.
Examples: Siebel Call Center, Siebel Sales

Lets discuss this in detail

Siebel Horizontal Competency Practices are Common which can be used for any domain. We can take example Siebel Systems’ Call Center Practice, which is prepared to help with the design, development, and deployment of a complete call center solution that includes business process design, infrastructure, and hardware and software customization.

Incentive Compensation
Field Sales
Call Center and Service
Customer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Email Response
Field Service
Internet-enabled Service
Marketing and Analytics
Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
Employee Relationship Management (ERM)
Interactive Selling
eBusiness Application Integration (eAI)
Mobile eBusiness
Global Deployment

Siebel Vertical Competency Practices are specifically made for one domain, They fulfill are desired requirement of specific industry.

Financial Services
Oil and Gas
Consumer Sector
Life Sciences



  1. In Oracles latest release of Siebel 8.1.1 there has been a change in terminology and a consolidation to deliver, what was called, SEA and SIA applications into a Single repository.

    However, the name changes are “Siebel Business Applications” to cover the Industry verticals, whilst “Siebel Business Applications (SEA)” to cover the horizontal applications.

    You will need to understand this when you go onto eDelivery and try and download the latest Siebel software.

  2. Is there a way to get customer list based on verticals?

    • Hi Mike,
      This in not easy to get customer list for all verticals.
      What we can do , we can strat putting names of customers in the commnt section. every reader will write few names and finally we will end up with a good list of customer alligned with Verticals.

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