Posted by: ndandala | May 23, 2009

Creating a Proposal || Siebel Expert



  • A proposal consist of component and section
  • For each proposal  create a template
  • Each template consist of any number of section .
  • Each section consist of any number of component
  1. Flow
  2. Template
  3. Section
  4.    Sub section
  5.    Component


Creating a account proposal with have section like

Cover lettering

 Step 1

Go to ms word  create new document

 Dear[account name]   go to insert menu and pick the field sub menu

 u find this type of dialog box

fill the appropriate value As defined above.then ok it

now u find error message like this

Error! Reference source not found.


Creating a style for this template

Go to file pick new document

Create a common border and footer, frame and save it.


Creating a document template

Screen > marketing admin > Document > document template


field to be filled

name – user defined name

category – whether is it belonged to campaign briefing,account prosopal, opportunities proposal, etc..

mapping name – do blank now, latter it will filled.

Template – style format file name is given here


Now expand the template

Choose section

Field to be filled

Section name __ user defined name

Section type __ whether it’s belog to file , chart, locator, etc..


Now expand the section choose the component

Field to be filled

Component name__ user defined name

File _ this is subject file to be choosed from a dialog box.



Go to document field mapping view

Business object

Mapping name – user defined name

Business object _ choose the appropriate BO


Now expand the BO

Choose the BC

BUSINESS COMPONENT—Choose the appropriate BC

If possible the search specification

Now click the map field

 Now it display a dialog box

In fill the template

Press the retrieve button

 and appropriate bookmark will be displayed

 now go to BC

Choose the BC

Then click the retrive button

Now it display the reqired field

Now map the bookmark and field

Then close



  1. Hi,

    I’m gonna start some work on Siebel Proposals with siebel 7.7.
    right now, we have a requirement that is bothering us:
    we will put the Quote and Quote Line items on the proposal but we want some fields to be read-only.

    Have you successfully implemented this before?

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