Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 20, 2009

Siebel Universal Customer Master : Case Study

 Siebel Universal Customer Master Scenario and Case study

The following business scenario is designed to provide guidance for a potential
Siebel UCM Applications deployment. The business institution and its existing
implementation are described, followed by the benefits of the Siebel UCM
Applications and Siebel Universal Application Network solution. A review of the
integration process with back-office systems is also included.

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Business Client
A large, successful Telocome institution [ABC] has evolved into a national enterprise with
offices and business units in several locations across the country. Its core telocome provider
systems include Mobile connection, land Line, and Broad Band. It also offers setellite TV connection services. Through mergers and acquisitions, ABC is also involved with the insurance industry, providing life,
home, and car policies for its clients.

Existing Implementation
With this large number of business ventures and offices, the telocom institution
found itself using a myriad of applications for individual business units. Even in the
same business units, different departments (HR and Accounting, for example)
functioned on different back-office systems, which included multiple front office
applications and multiple middle-tier systems, and various applications that stored
subsets of customer information. Client, partner, and product information is spread
across multiple IT systems. A large percentage of the IT budget for this institution
is spent on maintenance and integration of these applications. However, removing
or expanding the functionality of these legacy systems is difficult and costly.

Business Solution

The solution is to continue to use the Siebel UCM Applications as a key component
in the synchronization of customer profile information across customer-related
applications, including back-office. Siebel UCM Applications provide this solution
with the following benefits:
■ Siebel UCM Applications can be integrated with Siebel Universal Application
Network Customer Lifecycle Management processes to reduce integration costs.
■ Siebel UCM Applications provide validated solutions with industry leading data
quality vendors.
■ Siebel UCM Applications make customer data available to systems across the
■ Siebel UCM Applications allow real-time access to data across multiple
applications and platforms.
■ Siebel UCM Applications reconcile and synchronize data to provide a unified
view of replicated data.
■ Siebel UCM Applications provide high performance, availability, and durability.
■ Siebel UCM Applications are extensible to allow for new business processes and
■ Siebel UCM Applications make sure the quality and uniformity of data are
reflected across the entire organization.
■ Siebel UCM Applications support the addition of newly acquired systems with
the integration of customer data.

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