Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 16, 2009

Entities in Siebel

Ashish     Account

   Is a business External to your company

   Represents a current or potential client, a business partner, or a competitor

                         It always belongs to a team


Is potential revenue generating event

Has the following characteristic

-possible association with account
-potential revenue
-probability of completion
-close date

It always belongs to a team


Is a person with whom you do business?

Have the following characteristics

Job Title
Email address

Contact belongs to a contact team

Service Request

Is a request from customer for information or assistance with a problem related to a product or service purchased from your company?

Has the following characteristic


An addition characteristics is that Service request always owned by a single user


Is a specific task or Event to be completed

Has the following characteristics

start date and due date
Assigned to a specific employees for completion


Is an Instance of a purchased product

Has the following characteristics

 Asset number

product and part number


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