Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 13, 2009

Siebel Product Administration – An Overview (I)

ashishChapter 1 – Product in Siebel

Here I am going to tell you about Product. you need to go to Bookshelf for product administration for a number of different types of products. Here are various type of products which changes frequently and depend on product your company sells.

In general we can divide Products in two categories

1. Simple Product
2. Customizable products

Noncustomizable products are called simple products.
Example: Product like Book ,CD ,DVD

Products with features that can be chosen at the time of purchase are called customizable products.
Example: Customizing Laptop in any of the Computer selling companies web site. Selecting colour of laptop, size of screen and getting more capacity hard drive , More memory.

There are two types of customizable products:

■ Products with attributes have features such as size and colour that can be chosen.
Colour of Laptop
■ Products with components have components that can be chosen.
Memory, Hard Drive
Association of record with a price list and a product line is necessary. This allows users to create quotes and to find important information about the product. In addition, when you associate a product with a product class, the product inherits the attributes defined on the class.

Product lines are used to group your products.
For example, if you sell clothing, men’s shirts may be one product line, women’s shirts may be a second product line, and so on. You can define product line as per your organisation need.

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  1. Can Ashish or Mathieu tell me when are the constraint rules loaded in the order .. when i click customize.??
    Are the constraint rules for the sub products also loaded at the same time as the main product or are they loaded when the sub product is loaded..??

  2. Thanks Matthieu,
    The link is not working because the related post is under review.
    We appreciate your input, Keep writing. And the gropu is waiting for your said article.


  3. the “Read Next Blog for how to config a Product;” link is not active.

    Regarding your classification of product, I’d add more types of products which are equally important:
    product Bundles
    Promotions (bundle and coupons)

    both types have specific behaviour. When they are added to the quote (or order), several other products are also added to the quote (except for coupons, which behave differently)

    I’m currently studying 8.1 to see if Siebel has fixed all their numerous bugs with promotions and will post an article on that.

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