Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 10, 2009

E-mail not working in Siebel

Today I faced a issue during the maintenance release. One of the application user told me that emails fro Siebel application has stopped working.
I looked into Email and found that Email was fired with the help of work flow policy.
Now I have two paths.
1. The condition of email firing was satisfied.
2. Email is stuck somewhere in between

Condition was ok, so jumped into the second option
First looked for S_ESCL_STATE to find the record , but as we set “Duration” was set to “0” (Zero) so no issue of finding record here.
Now it was the turn of S_ESCL_REQ table to investigate
select * from s_escl_req
where rule_id = “WF Policy RowId” order by Created Desc

Query gave me the latest record and I found that few record were in Queued status.
Now we can see WF Policy doing fine, Mail was triggered by WF Policy and Record is created in S_ESCL_REQ table.
“WF Policy Monitor Agent” is the creating problem and not processing mail further.
Steps to investigate “WF Policy Monitor Agent”

1. Go to Work flow policy
2. Note down the “WF Policy Group Name”
3. to “Administration – Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions” view
4. Components applet
5. Query for Component Type : Workflow Monitor Agent
6. find out the monitor agent name associated with Policy Group
7. Component Parameter Applet
8. Query for Parameter = “Group Name”.
9. Scroll down the component list unless you find the desired WF Policy Group Name in the bottom applet.

Now we have Monitor Agent name and now the next step is to check whether this monitor agent is up and running

1. Naviagated to “Administration – Server Management -> Enterprises”
2. Query for the Server Name on which all the monitor agents run
3. Component apple
4. Find Monitor agent was in running state. This was really strange for anyone, if everything is running fine then why the email was not going

Drilldown on Monitor Agent name to check for its task of running state and there I found something strange that “No Task was there”. This is because most of the time it happens that if Monitor Agent is not processing anything it generally shows the task status as “Sleeping for 30 seconds” or something like that.

So, here is the point when I got to know what the exactly issue is. If no task is showing in the Task applet that means the “Default Task” parameter of that WF Policy Monitor Agent is set to 0 (Zero), which is required to change to 1 (One).

Now navigated back to “Administration – Server Configuration -> Enterprises >Component Definitions” view , query for the Monitor Agent and in the bottom Parameters applet, just change the “Default Task” from 0 (Zero) to 1 (One).

Restart the Monitor Agent once and it started processing the request.


  1. Thats excellant

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