Posted by: Ashish Kumar | April 18, 2009

Performance in Siebel Actuate #5


The network is the infrastructure that allows the Client Web Browser, Actuate e.Reporting Server, and Siebel Object Manager to communicate, assuming that they are all on separate machines. When the report is requested, the Siebel Object Manager passes the request to Actuate over the network. Actuate then runs the report, with all the data being supplied by an object manager, over the network. Finally, once the report has been completed, the first page is passed back to the client over the network. Subsequent pages are retrieved as the Next button is clicked. Thus the network is involved in all aspects of the report.
Siebel Object Manager
The report data comes from a Siebel Object Manager. Therefore, as the load on the available object managers increases, the report response becomes slower. This is because the object manager delivers the data more slowly to the reports server. You can use Resonate to distribute the load over the available object managers, or use dedicated object managers for report generation.
Volume of Data
The larger the volume of data, the longer the report takes to run. What appears to be a simple report when viewed may have required a large amount of data to have been read.



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