Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 16, 2008

Siebel – Difference between MVG and Dynamic Pick List?

AshisH.KumarPost coming Soon…



  1. MVG – It has the association applet & is used in case of M:M relationship.

    Dynamic Picklist : Used is case of 1:M relationship.

  2. i think we can add one more point

    Using dynamic picklist we can insert new records
    but with MVG we cannot..

    Correct me if it is wrong..

  3. MVG Applet means one object is associate with many objects the relations one to many.MVG is used to show multiple fields from another BC to a applet.
    Dynamic pick List means we will select one name in selected objects the relations is one to one only
    looking icons also so different

    Dyanamic Picklist supports Join but MVG Supports links.
    Then DPL contains 1:1 and M:1 but MVG contains 1:M and M:M.

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