Posted by: Ashish Kumar | May 7, 2008

Siebel EAI – Introduction

Introduction to Interface

Organizations need to integrate business processes across a large number of disparate applications in order to drive revenue growth, increase productivity, and gain visibility into business performance.

To integrate Siebel Business Applications into the Universal Application Network, Siebel Systems continues to enhance the integration tool set within Siebel applications—Siebel Enterprise Application Integration (Siebel EAI).

About Siebel EAI 

Siebel EAI provides components for integrating Siebel Business Applications with external applications and technologies within your company and is designed to work with third-party solutions such as those from IBM, TIBCO, WebMethods, and others. 

Siebel EAI provides bidirectional real-time and batch solutions for integrating Siebel applications with other applications as well as the tools for cross application integration through UAN. 

Siebel EAI is designed as a set of interfaces that interact with each other and with other components within Siebel application. These interfaces: 

  • Allow a flexible service-based architecture, built on top of configurable messages using XML and other formats. 
  • Are compatible with IBM MQSeries; Microsoft MSMQ, BizTalk, and OLE DB; Sun Microsystems Java and J2EE; XML, and HTTP, and many other standards. 
  • Expose internal Siebel Objects to external applications. 
  • Take advantage of prebuilt adapters and enterprise connectors, and are compatible with thirdparty adapters and connectors. 
  • Allow for data transformation. 
  • Integrate external data through Virtual Business Components (VBCs) and External Business Components (EBCs).
  • Provide a graphical business process designer, programmatic interfaces, and a high-volume batch interface.

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